About Sunray Scientific

SunRay Scientific (SRS) is a supplier of advanced materials for printed electronics manufacturing and lead free packaging. The company’s key focus is the advancement of green electronics with clean chemistry, which includes development of conductive inks, epoxies and anisotropic conductive adhesives that minimize waste, eliminate use of lead, and reduce carbon footprint in electronics manufacturing.

About ZTACH™

  • Bio-compatible (lead free)
  • Fine pitch process (50 micron pad gaps) without additional patterning for individual I/O pads bonding during chip assembly
  • Low temperature process (as low as 70°C)
  • Eliminates the need for underfill in flip chip bonding
  • Provides excellent thermal conductivity (> 4.5 W/mK) across the entire bond surface
  • Small bond thickness (as low as 15 microns)